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  Educational Change in Asia

   Philip Hallinger has lived in Thailand for much of the past 18 years. During this time he has conducted research, taught courses, worked as Dean of a Business School, conducted training for corporations and schools, and consulted to education ministries and schools throughout East Asia. Among his activities, Professor Hallinger has:

  • Served as an advisor and key trainer for the Ministry of Education in Thailand, conducting training for more than 7,000 school leaders at all levels.

  • Conducted a multi-day training program for experienced school principals in Singapore for three years.

  • Served as the sole induction trainer for all new principals in Hong Kong for three years for a total of 1/4 of Hong Kong's 1,250 principals.

  • Done extensive training for new and serving principals in Malaysia since 1991.

      In addition to his extensive work in training school leaders, Professor Hallinger was, along with Professor Cheng Kai Ming and Dr. Ibrahim Bajunid, one of the first scholars in the field to highlight the importance of social culture on school leadership and organizational change. This portion of the website contains papers, presentations and workshop materials relevant to culture, leadership, and educational change and reform in East Asia.

  Education Reform in Asia
he period since 1990 has witnessed dramatic changes in the education systems of countries throughout East Asia. Despite the often acknowledged role played by education in the success of Asia's tiger economies, the same East Asian nations have been even more active than counterparts in North America and Europe in developing new policies and implementing new practices to upgrade educational access and quality. For example, in 1990, compulsory education in Thailand was mandatory through 6 years of schooling. During the intervening years, this was raised to 9 years, then 12 years and in 2008 to 12 years with special financial support for those who could not afford to forego working to attend school. This story is typical of the region.
     Yet, just as in the Western nations, there is a gap -- some might call it a chasm -- between the intentions of new education policies and actual practice in classrooms. The papers and presentations listed below for download provide details on the process and outcomes of attempts to implement educational reforms and changes in the region.
Papers by Professor Hallinger on Educational Change in Asia
  • Kantamara, P., Hallinger, P., Jatiket, M. (2006). Scaling-up educational reform in Thailand: Context, collaboration, networks and change, Planning and Changing, 37(1), 5-23. Download

  • Hallinger, P. (2005, June). Making Education Reform Happen: Is There an “Asian” Way? Paper presented at the National Colloquium on Educational Management and Leadership, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Download

  • Hallinger, P. (2001).  Leading educational change in East Asian schools. International Studies in Educational Administration, 29(2), 64-75. Download

  • Hallinger, P. & Kantamara, P. (2001). Exploring the cultural context of school improvement in Thailand. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 12(4), 385-408.  Download
  • Hallinger, P., Taraseina, P., Kantamara, P., Chompoowong, B., & Chuwattanakul, P. (2001). Finding the middle way to the future of Thai schools. Chulalongkorn Educational Review. 8(1), 12-24. Download
  • Hallinger, P., Chantarapanya, P., Sriboonma, U., & Kantamara, P. (2000).  The challenge of educational reform in Thailand: Jing Jai, Jing Jung, Nae Norn.  In T. Townsend and Y.C. Cheng (Eds.), Educational change and development in the Asia-Pacific region: Challenges for the future (pp. 207-226). Lisse, The Netherlands: Swets & Zeitsinger. Download
  • Hallinger, P. & Kantamara, P. (2000). Leading at the confluence of tradition and globalization: The challenge of change in Thai schools. Asia Pacific Journal of Education 20(2), 46-57.  Download
  • Hallinger, P. (1999). Learning to lead educational change in Asia. Invited paper presented at the Conference on Professional Development for School Leaders, Centre for Educational Leadership, Hong Kong University, June 15-17, 1999. Download
  • Hallinger, P. (1999). The challenge of creating smart schools in Asia. Invited paper presented at the Conference on Prospects of Education in the New Century, National Cheng-Cheng University, Taiwan, R.O.C., November 1-3, 1999. Download
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