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Professor Hallinger either published the papers listed below in journals or presented them at academic or professional conferences. They are available for download in pdf format by clicking on the paper's title. The papers are in chronological order and are updated periodically.


   Leadership for learning: Does collaborative leadership make a difference in school improvement?. Hallinger & Heck, (Accepted for publication in 2009). Educational Management, Administration and Leadership. Download

   Distributed leadership in schools: What makes a difference? (2009). Hallinger and Heck, In A. Harris (Ed.), Distributed leadership: Different perspectives. Download

   Assessing the Contribution of Distributed Leadership to School Improvement and  Growth in Math Achievement. (2009). Heck and Hallinger, (Accepted for publication in 2009). American Educational research Journal. Download

    Testing a Longitudinal Model of Distributed Leadership Effects on School Improvement. (2009). Heck & Hallinger, (Accepted for publication, 2009). The Leadership Quarterly. Download

   Methodologies for Studying School Leadership: A Review of 25 years of Research Using the Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale. (2008), Paper presented at AERA Conference. Download

  Instructional Leadership and the School Principal: A Passing Fancy that Refuses to Fade Away. Hallinger (2005) Leadership and Policy in Schools. Download

  Integrating Learning Technologies and Problem-based Learning: A Framework and Case Study. Hallinger (2005). Paper presented at Asia Pacific Conference on Problem-based Learning. Download

   Leading Educational Change: Reflections on the practice of instructional and transformational leadership. Hallinger (2003), Cambridge Journal of Education. Download

   What Do You Call People with Visions? The Role of Vision, Mission and Goals in School Leadership and Improvement. Hallinger and Heck. (2002). International Handbook of Research in Educational Leadership and Administration. Download

   Learning to Lead Global Changes in Local Cultures: Designing a Computer-based Simulation for Thai School Leaders. Hallinger & Kantamara (2001), Journal of Educational Administration. Download

   Exploring the Cultural Context of School Improvement in Thailand. Hallinger & Kantamara. (2001). School Effectiveness and School Improvement. Download

   The Challenge of Educational Reform in Thailand: Jing Jai, Jing Jung, Nae Norn. Hallinger et al. (2000). In T. Townsend and Y.C. Cheng (Eds.), Educational change and development in the Asia-Pacific region: Challenges for the future.

   Leading educational Change in Thailand: Opening a Window onto Leadership as a Cultural Process. Hallinger & Kantamara (2000), School Leadership and Management. Download

   Unseen Forces: The Impact of Social Culture on School Leadership.  Hallinger & Leithwood (1998), Peabody Journal of Education. Download
   The Principal's Role in School Effectiveness: An Assessment of Methodological Progress, 1980-1995.  Hallinger  (1996). In  International handbook of research in educational leadership and administration. Download
   Exploring the Principal's Contribution to School Effectiveness: 1980-1995. Hallinger, Philip; Heck, Ronald H.. (1998). School Effectiveness & School Improvement, 9 (2), p157-202. Download
   Assessing the Instructional Leadership of Secondary School Principals in Thailand. Hallinger, Taraseina & Miller, (1994). School Effectiveness and School Improvement. Download
   Assessing and developing the instructional leader5ship of school principals  Hallinger & Murphy (1987), Educational Leadership. Download
   The Social Context of Effective Schools.  Hallinger & Murphy (1986), American Journal of Education. Download


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