Making Change Happen


 mchGameboardMaking change happen is an interactive computer simulation designed to teach key lessons on leading organizational change. The simulation comes in several versions  including a focus on change in schools as well as in private sector organizations. The simulation has also been adapted extensively for use in Asian organizations based on research on change in Asian companies.

The simulation places the learners (the simulation is typically played in teams) in the role of a project management team charged with implementing new IT systems in a company. The school version focuses on implementing new learning technology. The team has a budget to spend on activities designed to inform, interest, enable and support the staff in learning to use the new technology in the organization. Progress is made in the use of the new IT by 24 staff members through the stages of change. The simulation is played over a three-year period of time at which point the effectiveness of the team’s strategy is evaluated based on a combination of the number of “routine users” of the new IT and increases in productivity.

The simulation is problem-based — the problem is presented first and the learners engage in attempting to solve it. Through the simulation experience, key lessons about leadership, change management, resistance, and change strategy are illustrated. Embedded in the simulation are a variety of change theories and models such as Roger’s Adopter Types, Kotter’s 8 stages, and Hall’s CBAM approach. However, these theories are only highlighted by the instructor after the simulation has been played.

The simulations are designed to be used first in an instructional setting. They are not intended as stand-alone products. For more information, please contact Prof. Hallinger. When purchased, each simulation is packaged with:

  •     a complete instructor’s manual
  •     an MS PowerPoint presentation
  •     workshop handouts.

Download Free Demo

  • Download Making Change Happen US School version (English) Download
  • Download Making Change Happen Business version (English) Download
  • Download Making Change Happen Thai School version (Thai) Download
  • Download Making Change Happen Asian School version (English) Online

Currently, Making Change Happen is available online in seven versions.  The online access is only for registered users.  For more information, please contact Prof. Hallinger.

Support Materials for Use with the Making Change Happen Simulation

  • Download Sample Making Change Happen PowerPoint handout Download
  • Download Case problem for Making Change Simulation Download
  • Download Activity Handouts Download

Papers on Making Change Happen!

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  • Download Hallinger, P., Crandall, D., &  Ng Foo Seong, D. (2001). Making change happen: A simulation for learning to lead change. The Learning Organization. Download