Systems Thinking


The simulations are designed to be used first in an instructional setting. They are not intended as stand-alone products. When purchased, each simulation is packaged with:

  • a complete instructor’s manual
  •  an MS PowerPoint presentation
  • workshop handouts.

The demos below do not, therefore, represent the complete product. For more information, please contact Prof. Hallinger.

Download Demo

  • Download Systems Thinking/Systems Changing US School Download
  • Download Systems Thinking/Systems Changing Business (English) Download

Support Materials for Use with the Systems Thinking Simulation

  • Download Sample PowerPoint handout Download
  • Download Case problem for Systems Thinking Simulation Download
  • Download Activity Handouts Download

Papers on Systems Thinking/Systems Changing

  • Download Hallinger, P., Crandall, D., Ng Foo Seong, D.  (2000). Systems thinking/Systems changing: A Computer simulation for learning how to maker schools smarter (pp. 141-162).  In K. Leithwood and K.S. Louis (Eds.) Understanding schools as intelligent systems. New York: JAI Press. Download
  • Download Hallinger, P. (1998). Increasing the organizational IQ: Public sector leadership in Southeast Asia. The Learning Organization, 5(4), 176-183. Download