Dec 032015

This Blog is moderated by Prof Philip Hallinger. Feel free to post questions on leadership, the PIMRS, conducting reviews of research or related topics.

  One Response to “New Blog on Leadership and Learning”

  1. Dear Professor Hallinger:

    Sorry to disturb you professor. Hope everything is well.

    My name is Holden and I am a PhD candidate at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). My research field is Educational Administration. I have some questions about instructional leadership puzzled me a lot and wanna ask you for help.

    Currently, my study is focus on instructional leadership and the professional development of novice lecturers in higher education field. Your research about instructional leadership will be a lens in my study, that is, to promote professional development is an important dimention in instructional leadership.

    My supervisor suggested that I send you an email and ask you about whether instructional leadership can be used in higher education. Because through my literature review, I found that most of the research on instructional leadership is in elementary or middle school, and very few involve higher education.

    Therefore, I am sending you this email, and would like to get your opinions and suggestions.
    Hope to receive your reply and thank you very much for your help! Stay safe!

    PhD Candidate
    Universiti Putra Malaysia

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